Being gifted is being differently wired.

I support smart, sensitive and intense people who struggle to navigate all the unique challenges associated with being gifted.
Demystify your gifted mind

Being Gifted

You are not only intellectually more able, but you also learn in different ways, you experience the world around you differently, you make unique associations in thought processes and you are an original and creative thinker.

But you also struggle.

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You have intensities and sensitivities that are a gift to your inner world but are simultaneously a curse because you never feel like you fit in.

Raphaela Carrière

Meet Dr. Raphaela Carrière

Soul searching and finding answers. One of the most important things that I have learned myself in this trajectory of being differently wired, my search for meaning, and my drive for inner growth is the need for self-compassion and self-healing.

Demystify Your Gifted Mind

A shortcut to understanding some key concepts of giftedness

This exercise is designed to help you start exploring the characteristics of your giftedness. I have created a short interactive quiz aimed at identifying some of the key concepts of being gifted.

Answer these questions to see if you share common characteristics of being gifted. This will offer you insights into the experience of being gifted. Send me a message to request a free e-book explaining some relevant terminology and useful resources. 

Career counseling for the gifted needs to be sensitive to their multiple interests, the existential dilemmas they face in making choices, their fear of making an error, their fear of being less than their ideal or not living up to their potential, the depth of their sadness over the road not taken, and their fear that if they try to nurture all their potentials, they will end up second-rate at everything.
Lind Silverman, PhD

Author, Gifted Specialist


Dr. Raphaela Carriere is a competent and caring psychologist with particular expertise in the areas of educational difficulties and giftedness. She is a very creative thinker and conceptualiser who approaches each child and their families with respect and commitment. When referred clients with more intractable difficulties, she is willing to ‘think outside the box’, and deeply believes that change is possible for everyone.

Catherine Butterly, MSc, Clinical Dip Psych., Adv. Dip Psychoanalysis, CBT & SST Family Therapy, BA (psych)

Psychotherapist, Clinical Supervisor, Trauma Specialist, Program coordinator 'Masters in Counseling' Webster University Geneva.

I got to know Dr. Raphaela Carriere as a highly analytical and very thorough psychologist. She grounds her work in scientific insight, as opposed to assumptions, researching what issues are really presenting and which child’s needs are most important in the moment. To this end, she provides concrete and workable advice how best to serve children in their needs. She helps teachers and parents to investigate and analyze their own assumptions and supports them in letting go what no longer serves them. She is very sensitive to other’s needs and always assumes the client’s role to be leading. This makes her work style very transparent. I have found working with her to be insightful, supportive and educational.
Ms. J. De Witt, BEd.

Elementary School Teacher, Parent of Exceptionally Gifted, 2e Child

Raphaela is a conscientious, thorough and ethical practitioner with a keen eye for the gift in every child. I highly recommend her.
Kristin Duncombe, MSW/MPH

Psychological Counsellor