Being Gifted

I support smart, sensitive and intense people who struggle to navigate all the unique challenges associated with being gifted.

Being gifted is being differently wired.

It means that you are inherently different to the norm. Not only are you intellectually more able, but you also learn in different ways, you experience the world around you differently, you make unique associations in thought processes, and you are an original and creative thinker. You have intensities and sensitivities that are a gift to your inner world but are simultaneously a curse because you never feel like you fit in.

Putting the pieces together.

You may not actually have put the pieces together yet, because in society, whether it is in your family, with friends, at school, or in the workplace, you may have felt so different that you attributed a negative value to that difference. Where others were getting good grades, you may not have been, thus drawing the conclusion that you are somehow less. You may have interpreted your different learning style as inferior, if you even recognized it as different. You may have thought you were emotionally weak because you have been told that you are immature or too sensitive. You may have felt that your excitement was too much because people couldn’t share your enthusiasm or that your indignation in the context of injustice caused people to feel overwhelmed by your intensity. Your inner drive may have led others to feel threatened by you, or you may have found that your need for authenticity served to alienate you from your peers. Your search for deeper meaning may have set you far apart from your age mates. You likely have felt confused that most of the people around you don’t see things the way you do, don’t experience things the way you do, don’t feel things the way you do. Confused about their lack of insight, lack of moral outrage, lack of sadness, lack of connection and lack of authenticity, you may have felt like something is wrong with you.

You have felt out of sync. And you have likely suffered because of it.

I can help.

I believe that, no matter how hard your path has been until now, intuitively you know the truth. Reading texts or listening to stories describing the experience of the gifted, the intense and the sensitive resonates with you, connects you with yourself, leaving you feeling moved at a deeper level. This is your natural way of being, so deep and so basic. It is your normal. And it lasts a lifetime.

In your intrinsically driven search for truth and deeper meaning, for congruency and resonance, for understanding and inner peace, I can support you to find and follow your path.

Giftedness is asynchronous development in which advanced cognitive abilities and heightened intensity combine to create inner experiences and awareness that are qualitatively different from the norm.  This asynchrony increases with higher intellectual capacity.  The uniqueness of the gifted renders them particularly vulnerable and requires modifications in parenting, teaching and counseling in order for them to develop optimally.
The Columbus Group, 1991

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